Ontrends Pay Per Click marketing campaign will place your website straight on to the first page of Google.


Our PPC technicians will analyse your business, research your best keywords and create a perfect online marketing campaign to drive customers to your website. Boost your online sales through our tailored, managed Pay Per Click campaigns.


You may not have the required time to manage your campaign effectively. There may be a slight detail that you’ve overlooked or simply not thought about. Ontrend can help you to increase your PPC conversions. We have run PPC campaigns for various business types – Whether its to provide housekeeping for an existing campaign, to tighten up the account and ensure optimum performance or to assist you to ensure that your first move on to the Google advertising platform is fruitful.


You should consider Using Pay Per Click if you are in a competitive industry, if you are new to the market or if you sell your products in high volume. A great benefit of PPC marketing is that you can generate sales immediately, as well as being a great compliment to Search Engine Optimisation. PPC and SEO combined smartly will enhance each others performance. The data that we can extract from your PPC campaign will help you to meet customer demands far more effectively, streamline your business model and improve your website performance from day one.


Are you already using Google Adwords to sell your services? Speak to a member of our team to discuss how to enhace your adwords campaign. Reduce your bill and increase your conversions! Let us show you case studies that have dramitically increased conversions whilst lowering the campaign spend. Get more clicks and enquiries for less cost – Its a win win situation! Contact us today to discuss a smarter way to run adwords.


Get your product images listed on Google’s first page results. A great way of increasing your click through rate and sales conversions is by displaying the product image under the relevant keywords. Speak to a member of our team to start your product listing campaign today.

New to Google Adwords? We will talk you through all the boxes that need to be ticked for a successful campaign. Its important to us that you see return on your investment within the shortest timeframe possible. We understand that your budget may be tight or you may be completely reliant on results to generate new business – Our experienced PPC team will have a solution for you, whether its local PPC or national product listings, Ontrend can help.
Get in touch to discuss your requirements. We offer fully managed Adwords campaigns and account tidy-up and diagnostic services.